Struggling To Translate Your Investments Into The Financial Freedom You Desire?

Nestland Real Estate Education is
Where we empower individuals like you to boost your real estate Development skills through a unique, hands-on learning experience
Are you ready to transform your journey with just one click?
Imagine unlocking the secrets that high net worth individuals use to build substantial wealth through successful real estate development projects. 
At Nestland, we guide you to avoid costly mistakes with proven strategies.
Our online courses and live projects are designed to be your pathway to confident success in the realm of real estate development.
Boost your skills with a new way of learning
by doing
This is the exact process that we have applied time and time again on all the projects to consistently deliver a profitable outcome.
You will learn all the secrets and strategies that you will need to apply and follow diligently to achieve confidence as your knowledge deepens.
In Real Estate Development, mistakes can be very costly and time consuming and you are GUARANTEED you won't get your time back.
You will discover the secret knowledge and the wisdom that only the high net worth people use to accumulate their wealth and how to protect from third parties for future generation.
We offer various online courses of different skills level and also share the learning from current and previous projects with you on your educational journey.
To complement your theoretical knowledge, we invite our students on live development projects where we SHOW THEM HOW TO apply their newly acquired skills, how to think critically from different perspectives and how to use them to your competitive advantage.
Now that you're on this exciting journey, it's time to explore your perfect program.
Dive deep into the specifics of our ACCELERATOR, ELITE, and PROTEGE programs.
Discover how live projects can amplify your skills and bring your real estate development education to life.
Ready to take the next step?
Find The Right Program For You
If you cannot decide which program meets your requirements, why not discuss this with us in a confidential session where we can carefully explore the merits of a long term relationship with you.
This course will get you started to discover the realm of Property Development with an overview of all aspect of the steps involved and become aware of key players you will need to make this a successful journey..

Now you are ready to move to the next level where this course will delve into much more details about how you access other people money, develop a winning mindset to push the limitation boundaries and become your best at fulfilling your passion.

With hard work, dedication and willpower, you will arrive at what you most desire. In this program you will discover how to build this passion into a sustainable long term profitable business with all the thought process, compliance and framework to achieve your ultimate wealth creation goals.
Enroll in the growth program now to kickstart your transformative experience.
If you prefer to plan ahead, secure your spot on the waitlist for the upcoming registration.
Nestland Real Estate Education is not just about learning;
It's about crafting your unique success story.


List of valuable resources for you to download to assist you on your Property Development journey.

Here You Go...Enjoy!

If your review of these resources stimulates you to want a direct connection with me, you can arrange a session with me where we can carefully discuss and explore the merits of a long-term relationship.

Here I would PROVIDE ongoing advice, strategy, guidance, direction, mastermind your Property Development journey, REVIEW and REVISE your feasibility model and REPOSITION your objective/competitive positioning if required and PARTICIPATE in the meaningful, long-term profit improvements my contributions will achieve for you.
How to Assemble Your Property Development Team
8 Free Web Resources To Start Your Property Acquisition
Property Development Due Diligence Guide
Learn the secrets & strategies of real estate development
A set of programs for investors who want to learn how to become a successful Real Estate Developer and grow a multi million dollar property portfolio from someone who has done it and willing to share with you the exact secret recipe to follow.
But in order for that to happen, I need you to get off the sidelines, suit-up, and...
Get In The Game
Have you ever wondered why your investments haven't translated into the financial freedom you desire?
Even though you are a hard worker in your job and would like to leave the rat race, you don't seem to be progressing financially. So you're trading your time for active income and would like to have more FREEDOM and CHOICES in your life.
You have completed previous programs in the past but they didn't go in enough details on how to properly execute these necessary strategies and you have this burning DESIRE about taking Property Development to the NEXT level.
Sometimes you lack the motivational ingredients in stressful times or you procrastinate in your actions. Other times, you have the partial knowledge but haven't found the PERFECT property deal to put that learning into practice.
Cool, now with that being said...
It's time to find the answers. 
Nestland is your gateway to mastering the art of property development.
In the Growth Program, you'll gain insights that go beyond the ordinary.
Ready to enroll and embark on this exciting journey?
Secure your spot now.
If you prefer to wait for an exclusive opportunity, join the waitlist for insights and opportunities that can reshape your real estate future.
"If my investments are growing, then why am I working harder and making less money?"
Have you ever asked yourself that question?
How about this one?
"Most of development deals don't seem to work but how do I find a deal that stacks up so I can
make some money?"
Or maybe you've thought...
"I'll learn my skill the hard way by connecting with a few people to seek guidance. But do they fully understand your project intimately to have your best interest at heart?
Or even...
"I'll get some investors into my project but not really sure what's the best way on how to raise capital to acquire the deal?"
If you have ever had these thoughts, then you're in good company. 
Even better...'re at the right place.
We can work WITH YOU, FOR YOU!
 Let me tell you this, it's not going to be an easy feast; otherwise everybody would be doing it.
Here's the harsh reality that most real estate developers don't want to admit...
As difficult and even painful as it is to START a development project, it's actually even more difficult and painful to SCALE as an ongoing business.
Tell me if this sounds familiar...
You start a business because you want more freedom, more choices and a chance to earn more than a normal job would provide.

If you can do what is HARD, life will be EASY but it's not instant money and you should not put this kind of pressure on yourself.


Structured Learning

Ongoing access to online learning modules where I will share the key learning, strategies and valued advice to minimise your risks along your real estate development journey to save you heaps of dollars and time.

Professional Network

Trusted network team of professional consultants ready to assist you on your own project with all the skills,  knowledge and contacts when you start your journey to achieve financial success.

Practical Learning

Practice makes improvement with the applications you derive from the learning with the doing. ​You will have the opportunity to participate in real live projects where real deals are done, executed and delivered.

Business Framework

For the most serious ones, your passion will drive your long term vision. I will share the strategies on how to create an ongoing business venture  to run multiple projects year in  year out using other people's money.

So what are you waiting for, let me guide you to find your best in achieving your personal goals and start on your Real Estate Development journey.

"To know and not to do, is to not know at all"
by the legendary Bruce Lee
Dear friend,
The question is,  Are You Next?

So, which one it's gonna be?

If you want to choose the life of financial freedom...I'm offering you the opportunity to join me on this discovery journey of Real Estate Development.
If you do nothing ... nothing happens!
But .. Your life could change dramatically when you take advantage of this rare opportunity to start on my shoulders - and get everything you need to make it rain.

You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.

Time Is Of The Essence...
If you've made it this far, you've already taken a gigantic step forward.

The next Step?
And this is the clear line that separates action takers from dreamers.

But the rewards and success come only to those who actually DO SOMETHING, not just talking about doing something.

You can elect to grab the riches within your reach now, or continue to contemplate living your life as usual.
 I think the choice is clear.

 Talk soon,
Al Che
Al Che


Who should apply?
To be a good fit for our program, you are probably:
 - A highly motivated individual who is actively seeking new learning, new strategies, new paradigm to thrive in the real estate arena.
 - Open to seeking the support, coaching and mentoring required to scale yourself and your business.
 - Willing to share your experiences, provide valuable feedback and raise the bar for yourself and others.
 - Committed to "doing the work" and knowing that nothing great comes without taking action.
How much does it cost?
The cost will depend on the types of program that you enroll in. Now if you are ready we have a whole catalogue of services, programs and tools that we don't publicly, aggressively promote because you choosing on your own could be a terrible mistake.
We prefer having you counselled with one of our team allowing us to get to know your goals, your challenges, your opportunities and your weaknesses. Then we can recommend the specific product, program, service or private access.
How is the program delivered?
Some of the programs are delivered fully remotely using zoom primarily for the live calls as well as through the online self based learning management system. Some of the components of the Protege program are delivered in person onsite. We do have plans to hold an annual live event for all our private clients and our strategic partners to attend a get together.
Is there a refund policy?
Yes, if for any reason at all you don't feel the program is the right fit for you, we offer a 7-day "no questions asked" refund on our online self based program.
Of course, we guarantee that you'll love the program... and I'm so certain that my Real Estate Development Lifecycle framework will produce the outstanding result in your project within the next 12 months of enrolment - that we will return the entire training cost if it fails to perform as promised.
Are there any catches to my offer? Not at all- but there is one simple stipulation, that I'm sure you'll agree that it's quite reasonable.
You see I know without a shadow of a doubt, the enormous performance capabilities my Real Estate Development Lifecycle framework produce for ANY size, type, or scope project you meaningfully apply them to.
What I don’t know is whether you’ll apply, execute, and implement these strategies for all they’re worth. So, we only ask that you agree to follow-through on the strategies that are appropriate and document you did so.
Then, if they fail to achieve the desired goal, just show me the simple proof that you did your part and that failed to materialise — and your training cost is on its way back.
How long will I have access to the program materials?
After the program, you'll retain access to the materials specific to your group for a period of 12 months unless you joined our Alumni group and will continue to have access to the general community group.


John C - Sydney

I have been using the expert knowledge that I have learnt over 6 months now and getting closer to securing my first deal. The course is quite easy to follow and any queries that I had, was quickly answered.

Jenny P - Melbourne

The program has helped me to find and assess a profitable site in the inner Melbourne which we have just acquired with my partner. Working with a developer on our side in helping us how to analyse the property before we purchased it, has been the most educational eye opener for us.

Ray L - Melbourne

I have met the developer a few times over coffee and I felt that we share very similar mindset and that he is very open to answering all hard questions as well as providing you with honest feedback and teachings to how development works and how his experiences have been if you want to learn, why not invest while learning and earn a profit.

Keith S - Melbourne

At first I had some reservation about the course, then when I spoke to the developer on how he would assist me gave the support and assurance that I needed. Now having done the course, I also have the required support to vet any potential opportunity that may arise.



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